Quick Draft - Simple Scratchpad

Sometimes you just need a place to jot down a quick note or draft an email or text on the fly. Write your draft and immediately copy or share to another app. When you come back, keep working or delete the note and start over. Quick Draft is intentionally simple. There’s no document storage but Quick Draft syncs your scratchpad with iCloud across your devices.

Quick Draft iOS


Quick Draft macOS


URL Schemes (QuickDraft Pro)

Quick Draft Pro for iOS/iPadOS and macOS supports URL schemes with basic x-callback-url support. You can use any of the following URL with or without x-callback-url as the host and expect the same results.



To prepend to the contents of your scratchpad, where {TEXT} is the content to prepend.



To append to the contents of your scratchpad, where {TEXT} is the content to append.



To retrieve the contents of your scratchpad, where {RETURNPARAM} is the param to the receiving app with the contents of your scratchpad and {SUCCESSURL} is the URL of the receiving app.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple: **your data is your data**.

**We don’t use any trackers**, first or third party. The only time your draft leaves your device is to sync with iCloud. We have no application servers. To be completely clear: **we can’t read your drafts**.

If you have any questions, please reach out via email: [email protected]. We’ll update this page if anything changes.
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